Elegant I.G’s history dates back to August 1996, when the owner and director, Sandro Ianni, founded the company with the vision of providing Australian manufacturers of insulating glass units (IGUs) with a complete line of quality components.

 Starting out in a small warehouse, located in the outer Sydney suburb of Dee Why in New South Wales, Australia, as the outset Elegant I.G consisted only of Sandro, his wife and a part-time warehouse assistant. Between them they focused on supplying only the best IG consumables from around the world and providing an unrivalled level of service to the company’s handful of customers. It didn’t take long for word of this to spread and Elegant I.G’s customer base grew at a rapid pace.

As a result of this growth, in only its third year of operating, Elegant I.G purchased its own 210sqm warehouse a short distance away in Cromer. 
At this time, the company also expanded its staff with the addition of a product manager and full-time warehouse manager.

Over the next few years Sandro worked diligently to strengthen his knowledge of all aspects of the insulating glass industry, to solidify existing customer relationships and to form many new ones. Sandro’s tireless work cemented Elegant I.G’s reputation as an industry leader, and, in 2007, the company again relocated o accommodate its growing size.

The new site in Belrose, approximately 30 minutes from Sydney’s CBD, was selected with future growth in mind and Elegant I.G continues to operate from the 1300sqm facility, which is spread over three warehouses.

Currently employing six people, Elegant I.G’s small staff, made possible through efficient internal processes, is deceptive of the company’s stature in the market. Representing a range of leading manufacturers, Elegant I.G is proud to be the largest supplier of double glazing consumables in the Australian market.

Sandro believes honesty, loyalty and integrity, together with highly professional and flexible customer support, are the cornerstones of Elegant I.G’s success.

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